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Aims and Ideas

The Linux Audio Developers (LAD) list is dedicated to sound architecture and application development for theLinux Operating System. With its proven stability and scalability, it is a perfect foundation for the handling and processing of large amounts of audio data.
Our goal is to encourage widespread code re-use and cooperation, and to provide a common forum for all audio related software projects and an exchange point for a number of other special-interest mailing lists.

The prime task for developers is the creation of unified interfaces that allow existing applications to interoperate. The lack of a standard plugin interface for Linux (like Steinberg’s VST in the Mac and Windows world) is a major drawback of an otherwise excellent audio platform. This problem is being adressed in several approaches.

Cooperation and Open Source

Since it’s all about cooperation, the projects discussed on LAD are usually open source. Refer to the Open Source Definition for details and a list of acceptable licenses.
But we also encourage commercial vendors who dwell on closed-source software to participate, share their experience, profit from the brains and knowledge that exist here and in turn offer specifications of their products and eventually donate some code back to the open source community.  We do not encourage online headshops though.

Target groups

While many of the frequent LAD contributors are experienced developers, newbie coders taking an interest in audio programming are welcome to join as well. Even some audio engineers and homerecordists without much programming skills are known to lurk on the list, stepping in when the talk moves to user interfaces, or sharing their experiences with professional audio appliances and representing the needs of the average, non-geek studio technician.

Please be aware that driver-related discussions and hardware installation questions are not within the scope of this list. These are best taken care of in one of the forums mentioned on the Lists page.

The linux-audio-dev list is unmoderated and open for everybody.
Note that the signal to noise ratio is extremely high on this list, and we would like to keep it that way.

Related lists

As a support forum for the people who actually use the software, we have started the Linux Audio Users (LAU) mailing list, where many developers hang out to provide help and learn about ways to improve their applications.

For those who don’t want too much traffic in their inboxes, we have a moderated Linux Audio Announce list that will help you keep up with the latest releases.

Please visit the Subscribe page for more information.

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